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MLC Judgment Recovery has the knowledge and background to collect your judgment with efficiency and professionalism. We are skilled in legal methods of enforcing your judgment and have a proven track record of locating the debtor's employers, bank accounts & property to satisfy judgments. There are some debtors who simply do not have the assets to pay the judgments they have incurred but we will try our hardest no matter the circumstances or the amount of the judgments.   

When the debtor is unwilling to pay but they have the financial means to do so, the following options will be pursued:

Asset Verification

MLC Judgment Recovery provides an asset verification service in order to assure a maximum success rate in locating & acquiring assets.

Bank Levies

This is potentially the quickest method to collect a larger amount. When a bank levy is issued, the debtor's accounts will be temporarily frozen in order to seize the necessary amount of funds to satisfy the judgment.

Wage Garnishment

The most frequently used garnishment, is the process of deducting an eligible percent of the debtor's wages until the entirety of the judgment is paid. 

Property Liens

When a property lien is placed, it grants the judgment holder a legal claim to receive compensation once the property is sold or refinanced.

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