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MLC Judgment Recovery combines knowledge and a solid background to efficiently and professionally collect your judgment. Proficient in legal enforcement, we boast a track record in locating debtors' employers, bank accounts, and properties for judgment satisfaction. Even in cases where debtors lack assets, our commitment remains unwavering, irrespective of circumstances or judgment amounts.For debtors unwilling but financially capable, we explore the following avenues:


Asset Verification

MLC Judgment Recovery offers an asset verification service to maximize success in locating and acquiring assets.


Wage Garnishment

The frequently used garnishment method involves deducting a percentage of the debtor's wages until the entire judgment is paid.


Bank Levies

A swift method for collecting larger amounts, we temporarily freeze debtor accounts through bank levies to seize necessary funds for judgment satisfaction.


Property Liens

Placing a property lien grants the judgment holder a legal claim to compensation upon property sale or refinancing.

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